Whether you are looking for a rest room ,additional bedroom , office , or home cinema,a loft conversion can be cost effective way to increase space and property value. An initial design consultation with an architect will help you explore all possibilities for the design and layout at your attic.


Desire or need a larger kitchen with entrance to the garden ,more space in your living room, downstairs bedroom , or game room.
A house extension could take one step closer to having larger home of your dreams.


Do you dream of a kitchen which is increasingly seen as the heart of the home where we cook ,eat ,entertain and relax. If the cap board door look old and tired together with unmatched colour of the tiles .We can create and design multifunctional space as well as ensuring your new kitchen is both functional and beautiful.


Do you like to spend time in the bathroom but something is missing ,maybe is not cosy enough ,the colours are not to your taste.
Need to replace the tub, sink, toiled or dreaming of under the floor heating .

Our help would certainly be the best solution to your problem.